Horrible first day of school, then it got worse.

2008-09-03 16:12:46 by cory-leo

I am seriously p'o'd right now. First I go to my bus stop and wait almost 20 mins for the dang bus then when it comes it turns out I have to sit with a bunch middle schoolers. When the buss finally got to the school it was 7:00 and she wouldnt let us out of the bus till 7:15 so we were held captive. I walk around the shool looking for my gf but I dont find her. First and second hour go well and I gett to see my gf. but then my first day at the trasmit tech school happend. I was going for visual imaging which I was led to believe taught animation. I was wrong, its basically another stupid shabby art class. So I'm there for 3 hours and finally get to go home when my bus decides to take a new really long route home. I walk to my house from my bus stop thinking things cant get worse then BAM! I walk into my house seeing my bedroom door is open, but I closed it before I left so my step-mom must have opend it for taters (my dog) and I walk in and holy %*$&ing $#^@! My dog chewd apart my headphones and my microphone. They werent cheao either. So now I am really angry so I am gonna murder people on css to relive stress.

hate, war, and beef juice,


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2008-09-03 16:15:12

ownd omgmg d00d that suoudns liek it teh day suXX0red! wlells no need werre on teh NEWGroUDSN! xD XD XD xP ;]]]]]