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O waht a nite

2008-07-20 16:50:20 by cory-leo

Last nigt was fun for me. First me, my sister, and her friend went to subway after I pwned him in a couple of rounds of kille instince (C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER) then we hit up the mall. We just hung out there for awhile visting whatever stores, you know just chilling. We actually stayed till it closed. We were in this tea shop place and I had gotten green tes and holy hell talk about strong. I could have sworn I was grazing on grass with the taste of this thing. After that we went to this big ass glow in the dark putt putt place, where I came in second.There was this table there that glows in the dark and leaves a mark after you get off it.
Heres a link: qr4g
That was a cool table (wow I'm easily amused). to top it all of we went it saw the last showing of the dark night with its badd assery. We had caught the last showing at 11:35 and got out at almost 2:20 in the morning. Aftwards I went back home to my moms and played some more killer instinct on one player, beat it on really hard with tommohawk, and beat the metroid prime game (snes: super nintendo entertainment system). My thumb is so calised and bruise that it looks like a plum! It was worth it though, fun times.


2008-07-19 16:33:22 by cory-leo

The title actually has a double meaning. you see I not only posted this blog later than I normally do but My new phone came late. I'm just glad that I have it personally. My old one had a broken screen so I couldn't text or anything for like a month, It was torture I tell ya TORTURE!!! Anyways my new one is evenbetter and its a motorolla razor. woot!

Weigh.... my wait?

2008-07-18 14:24:13 by cory-leo

So I have accomplished something I have been trying to do for about 10 months now and I am happy about it ^-^. My weight was 220%u20A7 at the beginning and now I am happy to announce I am under 200%u20A7! Thats right 199%u20A7, thats me! I can't wait to get to my goal which in 175-180%u20A7 (which at my height of 6'2 is healthy). WOOTNESS!


2008-07-17 14:56:24 by cory-leo

Lately I've been so tired and have no idea why. It could be the staying up late (about 11:00) or the lack of energy which I crave (Maybe the weird dreams I been having, that I mentioned in previous posts). Either way however I will persevere over this sleepy spell... I hope. I'm gonna go sleep in the er- I mean take a shower now.

love peace and chicken grease,


2008-07-16 15:57:57 by cory-leo

Well after about a year of being on NG I'm finally an active member and I uploaded an avatar and an icon. Check em out! :)

*both cropped from included picture*



2008-07-16 15:00:11 by cory-leo

I had a wicked dream last night that I fooled myself into thinking was real. Basically I was visting my friend nick in ohio and he lived in the wierd apartment behind the joe lois (wtf? in ohio!?) arena and the red wings were playing the stanley cup final there, later on winning (woot!), went to watch it with my dad. I go into his apartment and shake his hand like "whats up havent seen you in a long time". That's when I notice he had his pointer finger and thumb missing on his left hand. I asked how it happend and he said he pinched it in his refrigerator. He shows me the refrigerator by opening and its a door leading to some underground china city. I'm talking like 30 story tall buildings. We finally get to the bottom and theres and big *boom* and there people panicing. Turns out a building fell, smoke everywhere. I dont see the crumbled building but I do see the smoke wich doesnt move or dissipate, oddly. Thats when these police keep me and nick in a safe place away from the "danger" and say its gonna be half an hour before we can leave, but I had to be back in 10 mins because my dad thought I was using the bathroom. So I call him and explain but I had to stand in the only area that had reception. When I get back to my friend nick he is being hassled by a cop for mining with old fashion things which turned out to be bombs. He gets arrested so I head baack to the joe walk up the long walk back to nicks apartment. Each step creeking so I'm flipping out hoping the building doesnt fall. I get to the top and when I do buildings start falling like crazy so I get the heck out of there. I get back to the joe and everyone is completly oblivious to the chaos below... way to go people, sports are nothing comapared to life.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01
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So I started working on a game that I have named
GTD(Grand Theft Dots): legacy in the making. I'm
soon about to recruit a team of scripters and <br>
animators from the newgrounds
check it out!. Before that however I made a mockup
version of what you will see from this blog. <br>
Enjoy! <br>
<span style="font-style: italic;">(*you may notice
glitches in the game, I am aware </span><br
style="font-style: italic;">
<span style="font-style: italic;">of them, such as
the car
going sideways, ect, ect.)</span><br>
left arrow- move left<br>
right arrow- move right<br>
up arrow- move up<br>
down arrow- move down<br>
space bar- action<br>
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2008-07-13 20:41:30 by cory-leo

Well my girlfriend turned 16 yesterday and I wanted to give her a shout out so I am. Happy Birthday Hannah!
I love you! love,cory

Also check this out (made for her)- (plays automatically, enter to replay)

On Mi Whey

2008-07-13 20:36:28 by cory-leo

Ok this is so cool check it- I got hired to do a voice acting script for someone on forums. I am actually quite frequent there, voting, blogging, foruming, and all. I'll put a link up to the beta version of my line, I'm goin to redo it for production sake so yeah >-> enjoy!
I'm an aeroplane pilot. I'm thinking about trying out for the "hero" role, who knows I might get it.

Mercadeas, you will be missed

2008-07-06 00:05:46 by cory-leo

The day was a rough one and painfull at that. My parents left me alone to watch me dog this weekend and my dog Mercadeas came down with a quite mysterious sickness. She became extremely ill and was rushed to an ER where I stayed for hours. I got to see her before I left because she had to stay overnight on the i.v.. I had a feeling that it might be the last time I see her so I held her close to me petting her softly. She was like a ragdoll. It turns out somthing was wrong in her brain, a tumor like thing. Shortly after while I was shopping for my gf's b-day I got a call from my dad. My dog had passed. I loved that dog and now shes gone. I'm really gonna miss her.

R.I.P Mercadeas age-9
Love you...